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Day 25 – Changes

Was a bit busy yesterday to write with work and college but I took this photo at Central train station. Again, trains, can’t get away from them! I just liked the way the light was reflecting off the train as it passed through the station.

Funny day in a way, I moved desks at work, delighted with my new environment and a different view (still at a wall but a different wall at least)! Similar thing happened at college, for the first few weeks everyone had sat in the same spot for the lectures. Its something I don’t like, as I have this wierd need for a change in routine every-so-often! I’d be too scared, however, to upset the status quo that seemed to exist in our seating arrangement, but to my surprise yesterday someone had messed it up and everyone sat in different places. I’m so happy, it really is the little things in life!

Quote of the day: “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing themselves”
— Leo Tolstoy


Day 12 – A mixed bag!

Today was a funny day, it started off really well, a lovely sunny Friday heading into work with a fresh coffee, a packed lunch and the weekend to look forward to. And then it turned into one of those Fridays I absolutely hate! You know those kind where you’ve so much work you don’t even have time to look at your to-do-list and then that guilty panicky feeling descends and the doubts start to creep in that you are going to forget something vital that can’t possibly wait until next week, which you will probably get the sack over! 

To make matters worse I had to leave work early to rush to Kings Cross to the car rental place before it closed, almost didn’t make it because of a delayed train and had to endure the glower from an impatient booking lady who quite rightly didn’t want to be held back on a Friday of all days. Anyway got the car – praise the Lord! – but traffic was so bad I missed half of footie training. I eventually made it down only for the heavens to open up and a bunch of drunken cricket supporters passing through the Bat and Ball to ruin our game.

But not to be beaten, the day wasn’t over yet, myself and my housemate Una headed to the Erko for a feed, a Coca-Cola (my first in a week!), a comfy couch and philosophical discussion! Then headed home to prepare for tomorrow and to my surprise my dress for the awards night actually fits! Thank God I didn’t eat those last few chips!

“Into each life some rain must fall” – and it’s not a bad thing – bring on tomorrow!

Day 10 – Work

Well day 10 of the project was spent mainly at work as I was working a bit late, so instead of going straight home after I decided to prolong my work day and take some pictures around Sydney Olympic Park! So I treated myself to a maccers and found some energy to run around before the sun went down! It was a lovely evening too, one where you can be a bit more inspired to take photos, especially after all the rain of last week.

And being in SOP, a place where you can just feel the sense of triumph, defeat, performance and history that has occured there, I took the above photo, amongst more, in the hope that it represents just some of that. I suppose the architecture and planning of the area as well as the relative calm owing to the reduced traffic and people compared to the rest of Sydney makes this place stand out as somewhere different. Somewhere you can walk around, breathe in deeply, sit and have a coffee or beer and just look around and feel the buzz and be glad to be alive.

So thats it for day 10, I’m gonna go and get cracking for my day 11 project!