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Day 201 – The Modern Way

I watched a few minutes of ‘The Ellen Show’ a little while ago that featured Sharon Osbourne. Sharon was talking about how her daughter set her up on twitter while she was on holidays but that she doesn’t like to use it. I think her exact comments were something along the lines of I’m not narcisstic enough to be twittering ‘I’m now at the theatre’ blah, blah, blah. Does she miss the point of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook? I think so. I also think it was quite an ironic quote from someone who has become famous through the reality tv show about her family.

Anyway I love twitter and facebook. Whether you like it or not it’s how people are communicating today. It’s fascinating reading other people’s comments back and forth to each other (even if its a little stalker-ish!), sometimes when people are not quite being themselves you can get a different insight into their personalities with how they are in public communication with other people or with the profile or even profile picture they choose to post. Twitter is quite a revelation into celebrity personalities, even though I don’t really have any favourite celebs that I’m interested enough in stalking right now! If anything it makes them seem a bit more human. Is that what Sharon Osbourne is afraid of?!

Modern technology is a funny thing in terms of communication. It’s mind boggling, rapidly evolving and a little bit scary but it’s always interesting and sometimes not even relevant.

In the words of Adam Levine: Twitter is the most vain, narcissistic, and downright egotistical invention since the mirror. In otherwords, it is AWESOME”

In the words of Jimmy Carter:  Globalisation, as defined by rich people like us, is a very nice thing… you are talking about the Internet, you are talking about cell phones, you are talking about computers. This doesn’t affect two-thirds of the people of the world


Day 4 in Mount Cowabunga

Firstly this thing says I should include a photo of myself to see how i’ve changed blah, blah, blah so before I go and get a make-over at the weekend I might as well post a picture today!

Secondly this is a photo of exactly what I did for most of today, sat on my arse, did a bit of work but mainly transformed myself into a zombie before the computer screen. Thats not to say the day wasn’t interesting; I woke up just in time for The Ellen Show (at 12 noon) and tried to convince myself to follow her sugar cleanse diet. I ate tuna for the first time in my life. I browsed (stalked) some facebook accounts and found out a girl I liked when I was 16 is now married. I put a concerted effort into figuring out Twitter a little bit better, and succeeded. I reconfirmed to myself that Dara O’Briain IS the funniest human alive.

I also saw that there is a key in the same place in the middle of the Darley Rd and Moore Park Rd intersection every time I’ve cycled past for the last few weeks. Yes thats how bored I was to notice that! Maybe I’ll take a picture of it next time! (Btw if you happened to lose a key in that vicinity you’re in luck, it’s still there).

So ya nothing too exciting but you need those kind of days too, just as long as they don’t start to pile up! Oh and if anyone knows a cure for procrastination I’d gladly welcome the answer!

Quote of the day: “The sooner I fall behind, the more time I have to catch up”  ~Author Unknown