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Day 54 – Here Come The Drums

For those of you who don’t know I come from quite a musical background!

In my youth (and childhood) I learnt the tin whistle for about 4 weeks. I played the keyboards for a few years and even won an award that meant I was called up to perform at a regional musical concert (well I got there to find that there were actually 2 Marie Keating’s and I wasn’t the one playing, they gave me an award in sympathy for their mistake!). I took a singing class at National school (we were all forced to sing a song every week or else – i think mine was always The Halls of Montezuma as far as I can remember). More recently I was one part (Sr. Mary) of the (in)famous ‘Srs. Mary, Petunia and The Pancakes’ band before I packed it all in for the photography. We would’ve made the big time if it weren’t for those pesky flippin Pancakes!

So I was heading home from Stanton library and for the second Friday in a row they have this Twilight Food Fair going on (yes including a pancake stall!) with free entertainment, hence the picture of the drum kit. I just thought what a fantastic way of spending a Friday afternoon, as I walked swiftly past for fear of being tempted by the pancakes! You still get that Friday-end-of-week buzz but with the freshness of the outdoors instead of  the inside of a pub.

Anyway I’m randomly talking crap about music and the food fair because i don’t want to think about the , OTHER, disturbing photo I took in North Sydney Square about 10 mins after that. Lets just saw if I didn’t see it with my own 2 eyes and have the photographic proof…! One best kept in the archives methinks (not deleted though in case the police need it for some sort of evidence later).

Quote of the day: “Better to illuminate than merely to shine, to deliver to others contemplated truths than merely to contemplate.” – Saint Thomas Aquinas