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Day 13 – Oceania Canoe Sprint

Well apologies I haven’t posted in a while, the weekend has been pretty fun, busy and frought with bad internet connections! On Saturday I was out in Penrith at the Oceania Canoe Sprint Championships taking photos and utterly enjoyed it. More canoeing photos are at

Anyway it wasn’t just because of the fit athletes I enjoyed taking the photos but I must say take a look at the bodies on all of them! I’m in the wrong bloody sport!! They should add another chapter into diet books, how to lose weight and look fantastic – take up canoeing!

The photo above was one of about 600 I took between Saturday and Sunday! I could go into great philosophical detail about why I chose that one above all the others but I didn’t say I was going to explain everything in this blog!

So if you’re intrigued by canoeing, get down to see the Oceania Slalom next weekend at the Penrith Whitewater Stadium!

Quote of the day: “Thats one to tell the grandkids”!! – again thats one I’m not explaining!


Day 11 – Happy Birthday Bernadette

Man I really hate being homesick, it doesn’t hit me very often but when it does… And I’ve pretty good considering I’ve just been home at Christmas but today is one of those days. Missing my grandmother’s 90th last year was bad enough but my sister’s 21st, well lets just say it’d would’ve been a session and a half! Well it still will be, just less me. I guess thats the price you pay for sun, sea, relative economic stability and other stuff!

This weekend I will be watching the top canoeists in the country at the Oceania Sprint Championships and dressing up with Olympic and World Champions at the Slalom Annual Awards, better known as the ‘Auscas’, but what I wouldn’t give to be throwing on the layers of clothing for a pint or 20 in Newcastle West, followed by a fry up at Keating’s and a 3am discussion on life and religion! Ah, the good ole days!

Well in the absence of sending a card on time (i know i’m feckin terrible!) and because I won’t be there for the 21 kisses/hugs/jaegerbombs, I got 21+ footballers from Michael Cusacks (cheers girls!) to pose for today’s photo instead!

So again, Happy 21st Ber, hope ya like the pic and have one or two for me over the weekend! xx