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Day 250 – The Text Message

Do you remember your first mobile? I got mine at a time when pre-paid phones were just coming out, in Ireland, so I’m not showing my age as much! The buzz when a text message came through, one surely of no great importance, in my case probably my brother sending a joke from the other room! Today we can’t live without them, we’d get nowhere or organise nothing without them, and as for catching up with friends, forget it! It’s just a bit funny when I think of the purpose mobiles had then and what different lives we had.

Sometimes now when updating my diary I have to look back at my text messages to see what I was doing on a certain day, my memory is that bad! I wonder does having a phone with recorded communications replacing the link to our past that letter writing and photographs used provide. Certainly photos are taken more frequently and with much better equipment these days but are being valued a lot less. What happened before is of less importance to us that it was to our ancestors. I talk to my grandmother and she always likes to bring up her nursing days before the war in England and mention friends she had and what became of them. I talk about what I did yesterday and my plans for the future. An 80 year difference in importance.

Quote of the day: “This I regard as history’s highest function, to let no worthy action be uncommemorated, and to hold out the reprobation of posterity as a terror to evil words and deeds” – Tacitus



Day 7 – Ghost town

What a lovely Sunday, no stress, no hangover, no cold or flu, and for a while, as I walked down to Newtown Library, no rain! I walked a new route round to the library and came across this old style building. I must admit I’m endlessly fascinated by old stuff and what it would’ve been like to live in different eras. The building to the left and the trees growing beside it just gave this street quite a different feel compared to the others in the vicinity and I said I’d take a picture of it for the blog. I then made some ghost people partially to add to the feel, and partially for legal purposes so they wouldn’t be instantly recognisable and sue! 

It does get you thinking, alright, about the changing eras and whether, in the grand scheme of things, we are changing fast or slow, or even for the better or worse. I guess a lot of us have lived through a time where we still remember life without mobile phones (vaguely!), computers and broadband internet. Whether those will, in time, turn out to be a major lifestyle change for the human race or a blip in the age of technological advancement remains to be seen. I guess that depends on what’s still to come!

As for the ghosty couple I’m kinda freaking myself out a bit here especially as I’ve only noticed the number-plate of the car to the right after I took the picture! Maybe it’s a haunted house, were those people really there?!

Ok I’m done rambling for now, but I am delighted I finished today’s entry fairly early so I can chill out for the remainder of this Sunday and watch dvds and listen to the rain outside and enjoy it like the day of rest it’s meant to be!