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Day 231 – Mrs Macquarie’s Point

Whilst procrastinating about my college assignment today I went to the NSW Art Gallery for some inspiration and ended up thinking about what Sydney must’ve been like in the 1800s. I sat watching the people out for Sunday strolls at Mrs Macquarie’s Point and thought most things haven’t changed much at all. I’m sure the thoughts and conversations are about fundamentally similar things, love, life and death. And the world revolving around an iconic harbour.

People contemplate life…

and love…

and everything in between.


and stopping to rest.

Of course technology has changed and it has changed our way of living so that we feel more different compared to our ancestors than we probably are. We drive modern boats and trains and buses and cars but essentially they are still only modes of transport just like horses and bikes. We use mobile phones but they are merely methods of communication like letters and gossip. We have digital cameras that record moments just like the important ones that are permanently imprinted in our brains.

But for some reason the biggest difference I thought was jogging. The vast majority of people occupying Mrs Macquarie’s Point today were joggers. There wasn’t very many pictures in the Art Gallery of people exercising in older times and for that reason I just can’t picture the folks of 1847 or similar years pounding the pavement to shed a few pounds in order to fit into a Victorian corset. Then again I could be wrong!


Day 200 – Life in North Sydney

Underground walkways, Mount St, College, learning stuff, taking photos, random assignments, waiting for the lifts, cool classmates, interesting lecturers, making me motivated, developing a coffee habit, Aldi lunches, $9.99 lasagne, space, the best library this side of the equator, paying fines, gym  with free newspapers, running for the train, views of the harbour, officeworks browsing, carrying bags, the light at night, staring at the fountain, bookshops, travel agents magazines, blue notepads, hills and empty offices.

Quote of the day: When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way – Wayne Dyer

Day 198 – On the Train

For as much time as I spend on the train I don’t take many pictures. For one I guess it’s hard to take pictures and not be seen (my camera clicks too loud!) but also previously not a lot of train scenes interested me. I saw this one and straight away thought ‘take out the camera’! Just the way the people were staring out the window, the guy half falling asleep and the sign and bridge in the background. Anyway it’s got me a little more interested in train photos. After all commuting takes up so much of my daily life, its probably easy to switch off and not recognise the moments that occur when my head’s in the MX, deleting text messages (train journeys are usually my deleting text messages time!) or staring out the window myself.

I’d like to capture those moments of life that are often ignored or thought of as ‘time we need to pass through before the more interesting stuff happens’, capture it in a more interesting way and subsequently make my own time on the trains/buses more interesting!

More train pictures here

Quote of the day: In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost