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Day 63 – Easter Sunday

Today didn’t feel like an Easter Sunday for some reason, Even though I went to mass (though perhaps distracted by the screaming children of two different families that started a big fight during the ‘peace be with you’ part) and ate an Easter egg (Lindt one, lovely, now I need a post-Easter Lent), it just felt different.

I guess Easter is all about renewal, rebirth, the beginning of Spring, except I was feeling tired and stressed, plus it was raining and actually autumn. No flowery dresses, daffodils blooming and bunnies running around then, oh wait, where does that actually happen anyway! Then again maybe it’s a timely reminder to remember this feeling because today’s a beginning and sometimes beginnings start close to rock bottom.

I was looking at the reason eggs are given as presents on Easter Sunday and it seems the egg was a symbol of the rebirth of the earth at the beginning of spring, which was then adopted by Christians to represent the resurrection of Jesus. Apparently the early Christians also didn’t eat eggs as well as meat during Lent which was why they used them all up on pancakes on what’s now known as ‘Pancake Tuesday’. Hmmm think I’ll go make some pancakes and omelette and get into the spirit.

Anyway I’ve nearly my blog updated and feeling better already, just to take some better photos now, oh and find out the answer to the big question, which came first, the chicken or the egg?!!

Quote of the day: “Because we have both chickens and eggs, who cares which came first!”


Day 28 – Like the ribs of a broken umbrella

So todays picture represents what my body feels like today after a few beers and the dehydrating effect of the sun yesterday! Kinda gross eh?! Lenten resolution no. 1 – give up drinking until Easter Sunday, well actually Easter Monday to add an extra day for breaking my fast yesterday! In fact I might coincide my detox with a blast of healthy eating and exercise! Its amazing what a hangover can do for you, I went to the shop today and bought fruit juice, grapes, oats, vegetables, soup, yoghurt and walked swiftly past the chocolates! I’m also going to clean my room, work on all my college assignments, do the dishes, hang up the laundry, respond to all my emails, write some letters home, join Greenpeace, give money to charity and save the world! Now if I can only get myself out of bed again!

Ah resolutions are great, it seems to be the keeping of them is where we fall down! Although tomorrow is a new month, a new begining, lets keep positive! Its like that picture, its showing the gutter but there’s also a reflection of the sky. Is the glass half-full or half-empty?! Or as some witty observer commented is it just too big for what’s in it!

February – one month down in the project – it’s been emotional!

Quote of the day: “Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keep you going” – Jim Rohn

Day 24 – A Record of Emotion

What a great day, from what little expectation! Its funny what getting out and about amongst the people can do for one’s mood!

Today’s the day I could finally touch my clothing with my back and not screech in pain from sunburn. I discovered that its better not being able to breathe from Aerogard that get ANOTHER flippin mozzie bite! I gave a dollar to a homeless guy. I was reminded of things that I had forgotten, in numerous senses of the word. I saw into the Placebo concert for half a second. I spilt my coffee and listened to Spanish guitar (not at the same time). I kept my lenten observance despite strong temptation. I got angry, then smiled and laughed. I wrote a blog entry that started to sound like my first confession.

I’ve learnt that in life, sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind, the race is long, and in the end it’s only with yourself. Oh wait I didn’t learn that Baz Luhrmann told me that. He may or may not have been right. What was that other piece of advice Baz gave…. ahmmm… oh yeah…. WEAR SUNSCREEN. Ooops!

Day 16 – Back to College!

Ah man, I’ve been looking forward to going back to college ever since I got my timetable! And it didn’t disappoint! Our first class, well lets ignore the fact I missed yesterday’s class in order to work, was Visual Communication where we learned bits of the sensual and perceptual theories of VC, the history of camouflage clothing and watched a fascinating documentary on how our brain processes what we see and sense. A lot of the study was done on people who have brain damage and how certain processing areas of the brain work for them and more don’t, and what that can teach us. The conclusion was that how we perceive the world is a lot more complex than just our brains processing what we see through our eyes. I’d explain more but I don’t have the time! Go google!

Apart from the knowledge aspect I look forward to the structure that it provides, even if it’s a pretty rigid structure with class, work, study and a bit of training! It kinda feels like I’m making the most of my days I guess. I do wonder where I’ll find the time for this blog, even thinking about it I’ll have gone through 4 college terms by the time this blog ends! I guess thats why its called a challenge!

Anyway pancakes are calling me from the kitchen and after that I’m gonna have a bit of a think about my lental resolutions so better go log off!

The quote of today is attributed to a genius of a graphic artist we had to look up for college called Maurits Cornelis Escher:

” To have peace with this peculiar life; to accept what we do not understand; to wait calmly for what awaits us, you have to be wiser than I am”

Oh and the picture is the view (slightly edited) on the train passing over the Harbour Bridge on the way to college at North Sydney!