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Day 283 – Sport for Women

“You’ll get nothing out of sport”, I was once told that, many years ago, by an individual who shall remain anonymous! Approximately 10 years on I’m glad I didn’t listen. In fact I’ve used it as a motivation ever since, not just in sport but for anything I’ve wanted to achieve. Its been a phrase that calls to mind the effort that’s needed to overcome resistance and a reminder of the rewards that can follow. It’s something that has been imprinted into my brain.

Why am I blabbing on bout this now? Well the day I was last supposed to update my blog I attended a launch Zumba class to promote the Sport for Women Day in March 2011 ( Sport for Women hopes promote exactly that by combating negative portrayals of women’s sport in the media as well as other initiatives. One of the questions asked on the day was what were some of the ways to keep girls from leaving sports at the typical teenage years, when they are increasingly distracted by school, work and social factors and sport takes, a sometimes permanent, back seat? I had always been mad about sport, fanatical about playing and supporting and couldn’t understand why more people didn’t take it up, but here was a question that got me thinking, this time from a different point of view.

2 years ago I went back to college to study photography and the demands of that, along with work and injuries meant I let sport take more of a back seat. It’s often easier to let stress fool you into needing another hour in the library or on the computer instead of a trip to the gym, it’s easier to believe you don’t have time to do something your mind tells you will hurt. But does the mind lie? It took me until this launch to realise I had been going down the same path that I had been campaigning people not to take.

I mean for most people who see a ‘list of benefits of sport’ in some article or website it reads like skeptical Oprah-esque ‘glance at it but ultimately it is exaggerating to make you buy into something’ scheme. Words like ‘beneficial for the development of social skills’ or ‘contributes to his/her mental well-being’ can be the type of scientific speak whose subjective use we are worn down by through public advertising. It makes you want to ignore you saw it and sit down on the couch to another bag of chips and an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

And I had been doing a lot of that, or telling myself my brain needed an extra hour in bed to rest from all the study instead of an hour on the treadmill to revive it for another day. Or forgetting that sport took me from being a painfully shy, almost reclusive 16 year old to someone who could talk to the walls, and probably has done, albeit while under the influence of alcoholic substances! Even mentioning alcoholic substances or unhealthy food, it prepares you for a life where those things are a luxury, not a way of life.

In the modern developed world we are used to seeking short term highs, watching a movie instead of reading a book, getting a Facebook comment instead of spending time organising a get-together with a friend, getting a sugar fix from a can of coke rather than a banana. Yet psychology tells us we are more content when achieving long-term goals. Sport is one of the best ways I can see to buck this trend. There is an awareness that some things take a constant, continued effort and that they are worth that effort. But it’s more than that, it’s a feeling that you have spent what time you have putting your life into a positive spiral, not one of regret, armed with a host of new friends, a few trophies and more experiences than most people fit into a lifetime.

And yet it’s difficult to get up an hour earlier or want to put in more effort when the day has already made you tired. You give up and something stops you from going, or doing. My advice going forward is something I give to myself also, figure out what in your life is telling you not to do something, stick 2 fingers up at it and walk out the door.

You’ll get nothing out of sport? I’ve got everything from it and I’m sure so many more would say the same.

Happy 2011 and new years resolutions to all!


Day 201 – The Modern Way

I watched a few minutes of ‘The Ellen Show’ a little while ago that featured Sharon Osbourne. Sharon was talking about how her daughter set her up on twitter while she was on holidays but that she doesn’t like to use it. I think her exact comments were something along the lines of I’m not narcisstic enough to be twittering ‘I’m now at the theatre’ blah, blah, blah. Does she miss the point of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook? I think so. I also think it was quite an ironic quote from someone who has become famous through the reality tv show about her family.

Anyway I love twitter and facebook. Whether you like it or not it’s how people are communicating today. It’s fascinating reading other people’s comments back and forth to each other (even if its a little stalker-ish!), sometimes when people are not quite being themselves you can get a different insight into their personalities with how they are in public communication with other people or with the profile or even profile picture they choose to post. Twitter is quite a revelation into celebrity personalities, even though I don’t really have any favourite celebs that I’m interested enough in stalking right now! If anything it makes them seem a bit more human. Is that what Sharon Osbourne is afraid of?!

Modern technology is a funny thing in terms of communication. It’s mind boggling, rapidly evolving and a little bit scary but it’s always interesting and sometimes not even relevant.

In the words of Adam Levine: Twitter is the most vain, narcissistic, and downright egotistical invention since the mirror. In otherwords, it is AWESOME”

In the words of Jimmy Carter:  Globalisation, as defined by rich people like us, is a very nice thing… you are talking about the Internet, you are talking about cell phones, you are talking about computers. This doesn’t affect two-thirds of the people of the world

Day 176 – Days of our Lives

I’ve really gotten into Twitter this year and have to admit I often look at what random thing is trending worldwide. It’s quite funny how one can instantly find out what most of the people in the world are thinking about and then get their reactions to that. I’m wondering though what Freddie Mercury would think to know that almost 20 years after his death he would still be one of the top trends on this new phenomenon of a micro-blogging site. Whenever I think of Facebook/MySpace/Twitter or any of the sites I now recently frequent but didn’t exist a few years ago, I wonder what the hell is coming next?!

Here’s one of the best quotes off Twitter in the last year: RT @TheBestQuotes: “Marriages are made in heaven. But so again, are thunder and lightning.