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Day 96 – Sad Songs Say So Much!

A fair percentage of today was spent listening to sad songs trying to achieve my pre-weekend-game objective (which I’m not about to explain!) and it just got me thinking of how listening to sad songs can make people feel better. The motivations are funny because I listen to them to get me purposely down!

But there are so many industries being created and supported by people composing and emersing themselves in songs and pieces that deal with the depression, agony, heartache, pain and suffering of human experience. And there are so many reasons given for the same. Is it because we feel better knowing there are others in a worse off state than us (i.e. the song’s author!), or that identifying with other’s pain gives us a sense that we are not alone in the world, that if our peers survive the same emotions we too can do the same. Or is it simply having a connection or communication with someone on any level, about any faucet of human experience.

Or could the reason be something entirely different? Do the words and music of sad songs connect with us on a level that excludes any emotional input, whether real or fictionalised on the part of the artist. Do the ‘minor falls’ have a psychological effect on us, or are they called ‘minor falls’ because it is what our psyche connects with at times of certain negative emotions? I’m sure music critics would be able to theorise on it much better than me, and I have no intention of doing any more research into it for the purposes of this blog considering time constraints!

Lastly I wonder does it actually help? Does listening to sad songs and intensifying the emotion almost push one through that emotion, as if one could exhaust something by feeling it in its extreme. I’ve often felt it could, that the answer could, in fact be, to push oneself through the pain by reliving the experience until it no longer has the same emotional impact. More would say that all that is needed is to think it through in silence, but of course that excludes musical influences. My own opinion is perhaps that works better for those with a better memory than mine!

Anyway quote of the day:

“When the day is long and the night the night is yours alone
When you’re sure you’ve had enough of this life
well hang on, Don’t let yourself go
’cause everybody cries and everybody hurts sometimes”

– REM – Everybody Hurts