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Hi all!

Just a quick update, with moving countries and the subsequent change in circumstances I’ve put the 365 Portrait Project on hold. I still intend to focus on portraits in my photography, just not in such a regulated project!

In the absence of blogging I’ve been keeping busy by integrated my old website and this blog into a new website. Going forward I can be found at Marie Keating Photography which will hopefully be a marked improvement!

Thanks for all your support, advice and comments during the first 2 years of my blog and 365 projects, it’s been an interesting experience!

Marie 🙂



So we went along the blue line on Saturday, taking blue pictures for my blue visual diary for college. It was handed in today and now I never want to see blue again!

I stuck William with a piece of string onto the diary (to get extra marks), lets say a prayer he’s ok and will be returned saftely….


Ok so the photography expedition to Cambeltown was postponed due to track works, the lack of a purple ticket but mainly due to a good old fashioned Saturday morning hangover!

However I did manage to do some work for my Blue Visual Diary by putting together a montage of blue sports people. I still think its the best colour ever!

1st Real Update!

Posted: November 20, 2009 in Photography Activities


Well this is a picture I took Wednesday at Central Station.

Good practice for taking pictures at train stations as I’m doing a tour of the blue train line at the weekend to get shots for my ‘Blue’ visual diary.

I’m bringing William with me, all will be revealed! Any suggestions for ‘blue’ things to shoot along the blue line??!