Project 365 – 11th – 18th Jan 2010

Posted: January 31, 2011 in Project 365
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Day 352

Day 351 – La Perouse

Day 349

Was I the only person in the world to think Black Swan was overrated?!

Day 348

On my way home from the Cinema in the Cemetery in Ashfield! Psycho was playing!!

Day 347

One of the pictures at the ACP (Australian Centre for Photography) recent exhibition. The recent collection was very much a celebration of digital art with massive photoshopping involved in nearly all the pictures. I suppose in this context the audience sees the art as something that was put together rather than observed, though I guess it began as an idea observed in the photographer’s mind. The amount of work that went into the pictures has to be admired though.

Day 346

Day 345

Towards the end of this 365 project, and probably after the pressure of taking a picture everyday had worn me down, I definitely started taking pictures without regard for the audience and for more personal reasons. Like the picture below of my notebook, phone and pen and a street in Newtown. It isn’t of any great aesthetic deposition but the visual brings back far more memories than anything I could’ve written.


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