Project 365 – 26th -30th Nov 2010

Posted: January 26, 2011 in Project 365
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Day 299

One of the last pictures I took before my camera was stolen, sniff, sniff! Had a class excursion to The Mint, which is the hub of the Historic Houses Trust in New South Wales. I was surprised how much emphasis is put on design, some of which were waaay too flowery for my taste! I kinda liked the one pictured below though that would’ve been used in interior design, probably as a wallpaper from the late 18th century on. Actually I could’ve just made up that date!

Day 300

An early start at Bronte this morning to take some photos of my friend’s dog

For more shots see

Day 301

Day 302

Newtown’s a great place to live near for pictures. This guy here is one of the locals, having a smoke and a break from his scooter at the cafe.

Day 303 – Playing with Light


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