Project 365 – 20th to 24th Nov 2010

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Project 365
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Day 293

This picture was a college assignment, the theme paparazzi.

Day 294

We were sitting outside a Fish & Chip shop in Drummoyne when I took this picture. My friends were surprised saying ‘you can’t take photos of children!” I just thought oh my god the world has gone mad, we’re fed so much crap that nowadays people think that taking a picture of a child is somehow a crime. So the future generations won’t know what children looked like or behaved today because photographers, and I feel especially sorry for male photographers here, are looked at like criminals for engaging in what is their hobby, study or even job.

You can say that parents take ‘safe’ photos of their offspring but those pictures are unlikely to be published or end up on a museums walls or their archives. In any case would they have the capacity to capture that defining moment. I’m not saying I can but I just liked the light in that setting and I thought it was interesting how the child was bored waiting for his mother outside the shop looking out onto the cars driving by. I would never take disrespectful pictures of children but I won’t apologise for taking that one. People are too caught up in an irrational fear of the purpose of that photo and fail to see there can be beauty in another person’s view of their child, not just the evil that the media force feed us. Photography is not a crime!

Day 295

I read an interesting editorial on why people photograph recently and it said that most people take photos at celebrations, birthdays or awards cermonies, etc.. because they are considered unusual events. Most people don’t take photos of their daily commute to work, its so common in their minds, there is no fear of the moment passing, the same moment will be there tommorrow, next week or even next year. But all moments pass, eventually the train above will be decommissioned and those people on it will be no more. Its only then that that moment will become extraordinary, because it can never happen again. Still the man in the middle in white doesn’t seem to share my sentiments!

Day 296

Day 297

One of my favourite photoshoots of the year! I had to do a fashion shoot for college and tried to make it look like the Dolce & Gabanna ads with Madonna and her bodyguard in a public restroom. Unfortunately limited to one model, Aisling (i.e. Madonna), we had to grab people in the toilets of the Courthouse in Newtown to make it work. Another patron held up a white foam board to reflect the light and everyone else was wondering what the hell we were doing! Funniest conditions I’ve ever done a photoshoot in! The ‘bodyguard’ spent the entire time laughing and recommended at the end that I use professional models in the future instead of randomers in the bathroom of a pub. Ah but it wouldn’t be half as much fun!


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