Project 365 – 23rd Oct 2010

Posted: October 23, 2010 in Project 365
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Day 265 – Heels are Evil

I was at the Australian Canoeing Awards Dinner tonight taking some photos (and drinking some wine!) so I thought I’d post some of them as today’s picture. The first picture (above) is of Greg Doyle, CEO of Australian Canoeing, speaking at the dinner. I tried to make the picture look like the technique came from the 1840s, long shutter speeds and sepia toning. I think I’ve been looking at too much Julia Margaret Cameron but there it is!

The second picture isn’t of any particular style just a quick snap of one of the joint winners of Canoeist of the Year, Ken Wallace, who was recounting the story of how he nearly missed his Olympic semi-final because he was sitting around taping up his paddle! He made it by minutes and then went on to win the gold medal in the final! The definition of a cool character!

Quote of the night had to go to Bruce Morrison, one of the founding members of Australian Canoeing, who, when asked if he was looking forward to the Masters Games next year in Turin answered “I’m just looking forward to waking up in the morning!” ‘On ya Bruce’ as they say here!

For more awards photos see Flickr

Press Release at Australian Canoeing

P.S. since this is a photography blog here’s a piece of related advice for any photographers reading: NEVER, EVER, WEAR HIGH HEELS!


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