Project 365 – 11th Oct 2010 ‘IT GETS BETTER’

Posted: October 11, 2010 in Project 365
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Day 253 – Sit Down Beside Me

I’m a little behind as this should’ve been posted on the 15th, even though it’s now the 19th but I’m posting as if it were the 11th! Make sense? No, great!

On the 15th there was a campaign from students from schools and universities in New South Wales to wear purple to raise awareness about the mental health crisis affecting gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered youth. But as I’ve no purple clothes I just made my daily picture purple instead! Make sense? Kinda, great!

Bullying. Make sense? Definitely not. Idiot kids (or in some cases adults) that need to belittle people in order to get any self-esteem. The problem is not that they exist, they are in a minority amongst a usually good world. The problem is the people who laugh at them and facilitate them and allow them the power to keep on bullying and ruin more lives. Unfortunately children do not always have the courage to stand up in situations where they know wrong is being done but as adults the rest of us should and should be leading by example. Not by wearing purple or making purple photos but by standing up to these types of people and by being aware of the effects of our own actions and words also.

To make someone feel so bad that the only solution they see is ending their life is horrific. Yet some governments and religious leaders are a catalyst for suicide as an answer. Julia Gillard says Australia isn’t ready for gay marriage but even if it were to be put into law, it would never effect those people she feels aren’t ready as the message that not allowing it, sends to at risk teenagers and their would be tormentors. The Pope denounces homosexuality as evil yet it’s not something that effects his day-to-day life. As these people so willing to cause pain and suffering for such little reason? Politicians fine, I understand they are competing for votes but the religious people of our society are supposed to be compassionate. I would hope they consider that first.

Kids – It gets better. Make sense? Yes, great!


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