Project 365 – 22nd Sept 2010

Posted: September 22, 2010 in Project 365
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Day 234 – Missing Out

You might notice I skipped September 21st and unfortunately I was a bit sick and there wasn’t anything interesting around my bedside to photograph, and even if there was I didn’t have the energy to lift my camera up to it!

So today I went down to Circular Quay to wave off some boats in the comforting knowledge that some sea-sick folk would soon be feeling worse than me! Haha! No, not really, it was again for my college assignments which were unfortunately due this week. About 3 days and 15 hours later of pounding pavements on an empty stomach, stalking and persuading tourists to pose for me I finally finished the History of Visual Communication Appropriation Assignment. For pictures click here!

Next time I’m definitely getting my assignment well done before the last, definitely!

Then again maybe this quote is more appropriate: “Organisation can never be a substitute for initiative and for judgement” – Louis D. Brandeis


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