Project 365 – 10th Sept 2010

Posted: September 10, 2010 in Project 365
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Day 222 – No worse, there is none

No this isn’t a crazy random drawing, it’s my pillow. I was so tired today I thought it might be appropriate (and easy!) to take a photo of it. I think it might’ve been bought from Target or somewhere like that and I’m just trying to figure out why some bedclothes designer out there would put fish, sunlight and a small house with one door on a pillow?! Not stars or moons or hammocks even! To make maters worse I probably kept them in a job by buying it!

My view of sleep is inconsistent. I often lie in bed not wanting to go to sleep, thinking of about a million things running through my head wondering how much I could get done if I didn’t have to sleep! Other times, say when getting off of a 24 hr + International flight or after being out late at night and starting to get tired, all I want is a pillow and quietness.

We tend to think of sleep as going dead for a few hours but the technical definition is that it is an altered state of consciousness. Scientists are still only partially sure as to why exactly we need sleep but it is obvious we suffer mental, emotional and physical fatigue if we don’t get enough. I think I suffer this type of fatigue about every 10 weeks when my college assignments are due! In the beginning I used get so tired I would actually have to stop or I would fall asleep at the desk but recently I pulled an all-nighter without getting tired at all. Now not that I’d advocate that type of behaviour at all, but, I wonder if my body is getting used to the late nights or if even such a thing can happen? Maybe some scientists can answer!

Quote of the day: “all Life death does end and each day dies with sleep” – Gerard Manley Hopkins


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