Project 365 – 2nd Sept 2010

Posted: September 2, 2010 in Project 365
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Day 214 – Fashioned

The shot above was taken in Parramatta as part of my Urban fashion assignment. Randomly I’d previously been to the same spot taking photos with a group from the Australian Photography Forum. Is it that Parramatta is just so picturesque or it is appreciated because of the relative calmness of the area? It always seems so full of photographic locations to me!

Anyway I’m not quite taken with fashion photography just yet, if I had to do a shoot without ever looking at a Vogue or Vanity Fair or any of those magazines I think I would do it very differently. I mean there is so much interesting advertising out there for a variety of different products but fashion is remarkably static. Every print ad seems to be the same thing, get a good looking model, put the clothes on her (or sometimes not even on her!) and make her look sexy and alluring. Does this really sell??? Are clothes something that have to be advertised in a practical situation, worn by beautiful people and posed in a certain way?

One of the best ads I’ve seen recently is the Carlton slow-mo ad on tv. It shows the ugly, every day side to drinking beer in a pub but it is so artistically done that everyone is talking about it. We’re told the fashion ads should be primarily about the clothes, but was that Carlton ad about the beer, or was it about life as it happens in pub culture? Australia post has a print ad with a figure coming out of a letter hugging a person at the other side of it. Does it show someone writing a letter or even sending it? No. Does it have to?? There’s a brilliant Mini Cooper ad that shows a person thumbing and crouching down. It doesn’t even show a car! Imagine a fashion ad without any clothes! Oh wait, there’s already a word for that!

I see these as examples of clever advertising, they get people thinking and thinking in a different way about the product, yet in fashion the order of the day is still ‘put the clothes on a model, make the people want them’. Ok that might be a little cynical but there’s got to be more interesting ways to promote one’s clothing line? Are there already examples of different clothing adverts out there? Or is there not?


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