Project 365 – 1st Sept 2010

Posted: September 1, 2010 in Project 365
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Day 213 – Dawn of the Writer

What happened today, oh well I just got to meet one of my favourite authors of all time, Val McDermid, at the library I go to near college! Not that randomly though, the library had been advertising the fact that she would be there as they do with the other writers who give talks there. What makes this stranger is that she’s actually Scottish and out of about 2 dates that she appearing in places in Sydney one of them happened to be the local library I go to! Celebrity aside, it always seems strange to me, meeting someone from Britain or Ireland at the other side of the world before we ever met back home!

Anyway the old advice of how you shouldn’t meet your hero’s didn’t ring true as she was a charming speaker, very witty and of course that lovely Scottish accent. She emphasied the importance of practice and persistance when she talked about the manuscripts she had to send out before she eventually got published. I think her words were something along the lines of “I was sending to this publisher, and that publisher and they were continually getting rejected and sent back, In the end I was getting scripts back from people I hadn’t even sent them to saying ‘we’ve seen your manuscript, don’t bother!'”

Of course for the photo for today I got someone there (amoung the multitude of retirees, who could manage be there at 1pm on a Wednesday!) to take a photo of myself and Val. It always makes me laugh when I ask someone to take a photo with my camera and they look at it blankly and say ‘but I can’t see anything’! Today was no different, I guess people forget the days before LCDs very quickly!

Quote of the Day: Death is a hollow drum whose beat has measured out my adult life – Val McDermid in Trick of the Dark


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