Project 365 – 29th August 2010

Posted: August 29, 2010 in Project 365
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Day 210 – Back to Black/Right to White

Did you know that the White House in America was designed by an Irishman? Neither did I!

Anyway that’s kinda irrelevant, it was just something I came across when trying to find something to talk about for today’s blog entry! I guess I could talk about the photo! It was taken at Figtree Oval in Wollongong when I went down to watch the Youth girls AFL final between Shellharbour and Figtree. The three people pictured are Shellharbour supporters cheering, or should I say roaring on their team!

It seemed to have worked when one of their forwards kick the winning goal right on the siren but then the umpires decided it was actually a draw! Extra time followed and Figtree ended up on top, much to the disgust of the crowd behind me. However, a few days later I found out that they had reviewed the game and Shellharbour had actually won in normal time and so were awarded the title. Just goes to show life is not always as it seems!

The same is true with photography, of course its a lie. Just look at the expressions of the people in the photo and how many ways their actions could be interpreted. The woman on the right could be preaching, the two on the left holding their hands together in exasperation or prayer. Only for the fact that I was there and I could tell you they were clapping it’s not blindingly obvious.

I saw a great quote from the legendary American photographer Dorothea Lange a few months ago:

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still”

The obvious isn’t always true!


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