Project 365 – 1st August 2010

Posted: August 1, 2010 in Project 365
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Day 182 – Halfway House

Well I guess it’s a bit of a coincidence that my birthday and the halfway point of the 365 project fall on the same day! It would signal time for reflecting, if I had any time to do exactly that! And while it does feel about a year from my last birthday it definately doesn’t seem half a year since Feburary, time has just flown. This project has been the biggest consumer of time in my life or anything I’ve ever done, not just taking A picture every day but thinking about photography, ideas, meanings and writing some of it down. But it definitely has been worth it too. I think now is a good time too to focus on what I need to do for the rest of the year and I might as well write them down so I remember!

1. Carry camera EVERYWHERE! Yes I think this would help me avoid the ‘oh crap it’s 11.59pm and I still haven’t taken a picture so I’ll just point it at the ceiling to fulfill the project requirements’ syndrome

2. Spend less time on the internet (said as I type whilst on the internet, oh the irony!). Maybe I can write out the blog words before I log on to avoid the temptation on clicking onto other irrelevant crap! Or if my mail could open without the Yahoo news stories maybe I wouldn’t get distracted as much! Anyone any more ideas on how to cut back on the interweb??!

3. Go to greater lengths to take pictures. And by this I don’t mean climbing illegally up onto the Harbour Bridge to get a better view of the city or breaking into abandoned buildings in the dead of night! More so having more courage and upstart to seek out the shot I want and getting better at convincing people of the necessity of recording moments.

4. More (good) portraits, not just crappy ones of a night out on the camera phone. I think that getting those types of pictures is connected with point number 3.

5. Read more (books not internet articles)

6. Go more places (that I haven’t been before) ((that it doesn’t cost much to get to)) (((where my camera gear won’t get robbed))) ((((or destroyed by fire, water, animals or small children))))

7. Interact/collaborate more with creative people and steal their ideas, oops I mean learn from them! 

8. Focus more and stop getting distracted (like my fascination with the upcoming election when I don’t even get a vote)

9. Write with less thought to who’s reading (especially Bernadette who asks me for more pictures of flowers and crap, note to self, ignore Ber!)

10. Spend less time on the internet (ok I’m logging off now, actually this is a good point to reiterate as I still haven’t logged off and am making some more changes)


  1. Henry Elliss says:

    I find the presence of a camera on my phone helps with this project immensely – though I often find myself wishing I’d had a better quality camera to use when you get a really good shot!

  2. keats18 says:

    Yep totally agree Henry, even though my camera phone is probably as crap as you could find! I’m trying to carry my camera around with the same regularity as I carry my phone but sometimes its just not practical unfortunately.

  3. Ber says:

    What’s so crap about flowers? I rather like them! I was just saying I’d like to see lots of colour 🙂

  4. keats18 says:

    Haha you only saw that now! Just kidding obviously, flowers are alright, I suppose!

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