AFL – Day 5

Posted: June 14, 2010 in AFL

So day 5 d day arrived and everyone was up early no doubt battling the nerves before the big game. I spent breakfast discussing which was better pancakes and scrambled eggs or toast, vegemite and cheese. (obviously a pancake and cheese girl myself!) Shouts of ‘g-up’ were heard throughout the morning from my gold team members as we attempted to out-psyche the opposition and a running joke about our ruck-woman, a Chinese delivery man and “playing on the ‘G'” helped keep the mood light!

Before long we arrived at the ground itself and I was equally surprised by the huge dressing rooms and relatively small MCG pitch. The warm up went pretty well, and everyone looked pretty focused. A few words of wisdom from LG and we were ready to go. I started the game on the bench (or as Shannon referred to it the ‘rest area’!) but soon got on and, though I was in absolute awe of the standard, got a few kicks in and started to feel a bit more comfortable being out there. I have to say I was also a little inspired at how animated physio Kerry and strength and conditioning coach Di were getting on the sideline so maybe that helped!

I did at one stage run over the big Toyota writing on the ground thinking ‘ya this definitely must be the MCG, I don’t remember this at Mahoney Park’! Anyway we got off at half-time down by a goal or two and it wasn’t looking good, but what ever psychology there is in having to fight back out of defeat, we switched on in the second half.

My roomie for the camp, Chiocci, took a mark inside 50 and had no problem kicking it through. I got a run then in my preferred full-forward spot and ended up kicking to our captain Webbo for another goal. We got a third from South Australian Kirsty and then had to endure a nerve-wrecking last few minutes with the ball in our defensive 50 before the siren went and we had snuck over the line winning by 3 points! Whew, winning on the MCG feels pretty good! But playing with, and against, that bunch of players was the best experience of the entire week, you really get to see where the standard of women’s footie is at, and its pretty high. Now instead of putting down Nick Riewoldt as my favourite AFL player I’d have to say Chelsea Randall. What a footballer!

Melbourne FC gave us a function room for after the game and we had some of their injured players there sharing their experience of playing footy with the girls, before some presentations to the staff for the week, who were all absolutely brilliant. Finally the Shannon McFerran medalist was announced and the honours went to, dum, da dum, NSW’s Natalie Redford! Nat, a well-deserving, and obviously popular choice. Well done Nat!

My housemates picked me up from the airport then tonight, they asked me how I got on and I chatted a for a few minutes about it. Then one of them asked me again did I have a good time? To which I replied ‘Ya’. She said ‘good, now your making the tea when we get home’ Back down to earth and over and out!

  1. lance says:

    thanks v.much, dairy milk coming your way on sat.

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