AFL – Day 4

Posted: June 13, 2010 in AFL

Day 4

After breakfast my abs was still fairly sore so I got into the pool again, this time going a bit further into the deep end, it seemed to work and following a stretching session we hit the oval for another training session. This time it was small players and tall players and we picked up some drills to do with vision, timing, protecting players and disposals. We then split into our separate teams and had a team training session, doing as much as we could without exerting ourselves too much before tomorrow.

Another pool session and team meeting were the final activities before we had to get ready for the jumper presentation function at the San Remo Ballroom. Our room inevitably got turned into a hair-straightening saloon, and, similar to home, I was sat on the bed watching TV while everyone else was running around in a mini-panic getting ready!

The function gave everyone a chance to catch up with their family and friends, have a lovely meal and get presented with our playing jerseys for tomorrow. We got the yellow tops, white shorts and yellow socks so I’m wishing I brought a bottle of fake tan so I won’t look too pasty in the gear!

The last part of the evening was to hand in our votes for the Shannon McFerran Medal. Shannon, who is our ‘Gold Stars’ manager, was picked as the All-Australian captain at the Nationals last year. She actually played the Nationals with a brain tumour and so the award for the person we thought was the best (i.e. best leadership qualities, etc..) over the various days of the camp is quite rightly dedicated to her. Will be interesting to see if any of my votes win, as obviously I didn’t know anyone, apart from the NSW girls, before the camp and so I wonder if the people I voted for will be recognized by others too. Will find out tomorrow!


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