AFL – Day 3

Posted: June 12, 2010 in AFL

Day 3

Saturday started in a fair bit of pain with muscles aching from the boot camp on the previous day. Attempting to get out of bed was quite a challenge! After breakfast I joined a few of the girls trying the hot/cold therapy in the hotel pool (which was about -20 degrees!) and spa. I joked about only being there for the hot bit but eventually got into the pool and felt a million times better for having endured it.

After a core strength workshop and a stoppages training session in the morning we had the afternoon off and a welcomed opportunity to catch up with my grandaunt Betty in Melbourne city. She, being 70 +, racing around for the tram to get to the museum and me lagging after her, ahem, like a 70 year old! We wanted to see the Titanic exhibition but it was sold out, probably for the best as I think I need a little better mental imagery getting into anymore cold water!

We also learnt today which team we are going to be on for the All-Stars v Gold Stars match on the MCG on Monday. Roxy and myself will be on the team coached by Leanne Gill (current Victorian women’s coach amongst others) and Nat with Nicole Graves (current Western Australia and former Victorian coach). After getting some advice from Leanne (or LG) at the training session earlier and being inspired from chatting with her later on I think we’re going to win, but then again I could be biased! Nothing like a bit of friendly rivalry though! Bring on Day 4!


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