Project 365 – 4th June 2010

Posted: June 4, 2010 in Project 365
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Day 123

Well technically since the tennis match Thursday night ended after midnight (French Open semi-final), a picture of a tennis racquet is an appropriate visual description of what everybody was talking about in Sydney on day 123 with the Aussie Sam Stosur into her first Grand Slam Final. Slightly weird to think I played a footie game with her in 2008 and now she’s one of the most talked about people in the country!

In fact the whole concept of ‘celebrity’ I find fascinating. Everyone who is famous is a normal person to someone else, yet these celebrities drive the publication of magazines like Who, Hello, etc.. as well as being the subject of numerous tv shows and a marketers dream. All due to the public’s fascination with people they don’t know.

I’m not exempt either, and I’ve quite often googled/imbd’d/enthusiastically read biographies or news stories of ‘famous’ people I’ve taken an interest in. More often than not they actually have achieved something quite extraordinary to be famous, or else could be classified as ‘infamous’, though in these days that’s not necessarily the case. You can have people famous for almost no reason at all. Just look at Big Brother, At Home with the Kardashins, and on it goes. All feeding the need we have to know people better, even if our base is not knowing them at all. Someday we might make sense of it!

Here the chorus of a Big Tom song (an Irish country singer for those who don’t know!):

Ah, we’re going out the same way we came in
Don’t matter who you know or where you’ve been
Makes no difference who you are
Skid row joe or super star
You’re going out the same way you came in

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