Project 365 – 22nd May 2010

Posted: May 22, 2010 in Project 365
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Day 111 – Footie Day!

Wake me up when Saturday comes could be the motto for my life! The routine of the day, the preperation, the excitement threatening to bubble up into stress, pump up songs on the ipod, putting on the footy gear and stepping onto the pitch! Of course then there’s the matter of playing good or bad, winning or loosing, and the enivitable hours long chats about the game, tactics, training and where it all went right or wrong in the pub after!

I’m even more into the whole sport buzz at the minute because of a book that my lecturer gave me, to help with my project, called Fever Pitch. For those of you who haven’t already read it I’d recommend it! It’s such an honest, self-critical and insightful take on sporting culture, the traditions, routines and their influence on people, and I’m only halfway through!

However today I probably felt more like the umpire does in the picture! Screaming and on the sideline! Injured, I had to watch my team concede about 20 points to nothing before the first quarter ended. But what a comeback was in store! The girls dug in (to the mud!), put on some massive hits and score some awesome scores to win in the end by 8 points. I’m normally hate watching games if I’m injured but this one was inspiring. Thats just the thing about sport, every so often it brings you moments that stand above anything you can experience in life elsewhere. I was so wrecked from roaring after I went home early from the pub, still on the detox of course!

Quote of the day: “People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defences, or the problems of modern society” – Vince Lombardi


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