Project 365 – 17th May 2010

Posted: May 17, 2010 in Project 365
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Day 106 – Rebel With A Cause

My mis-quoted ‘Day Title’ is partially due to the fact that I skipped off my first college lecture today (though I did have a fairly bad cold) and I keep trying to watch the James Dean classic Rebel Without A Cause but get twarted by the terrible dvd player I have and time constraints. I need a year off to watch all the dvds and read all the books I have on my to-do-list!

Also I came across the following quote today, which really has to relevance to anything previously mentioned but I said I’d throw it in there anyway!

“I thought I knew Photoshop, I thought I was half decent but watching Guy in action and learning from him I realize that in fact I was a fat, balding, pub team player watching Zidane in action”
Marc O’Sullivan – OSD Photo Agency referring to Guy Gowan who will be speaking at our college on Friday, after having a look at some of his introduction videos Marc might just be right!


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