Project 365 – 20th April 2010

Posted: April 20, 2010 in Project 365
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Day 79 – Mmmmmm

Had trouble deciding which picture to put in today, most snaps I took on the ferry and at Manly, but two particularly stood out as representing the day for me. I uploaded them both to flickr but this one eventually made the cut!

Did a lot of boring stuff today so not much to talk about, even a trip to Manly was quite quiet! Contemplative but quiet. Maybe I needed that after the stress of last week! But what a beautiful day it was there! I’ve had two friends (both Aussies) commenting on how the warm weather is gone cold. Now I’m normally the first to complain about the cold, but cold? Really? It’s 25 degrees!! I walked to work with a sleeveless shirt and its colder inside the building than out!

My college lecturer always likes to retell this story of when he was in India during a monsoon and commenting to his Indian friend that “the weather’s pretty bad today”. His friend replied (and he tells it with an Indian accent) “there iz noo gud ur bat weather, it iz just weather”. He took the philosophy that we attribute values to the various weather and it is good if we believe it is good. Still I bet he never tried to play a camogie match in 3 degrees with hailstones, you get a whack across the knuckles in that, lets just say you better not need to move your hand for a few days!

Another college lecturer believes you can get much more interesting photos with a bit of rain added for reflections, so I guess as a photographer I shouldn’t really complain either. Except when it’s night in the dead of winter and I can’t properly use the buttons with my gloves, and if I take them off my fingers freeze! All weather brings it’s own atmosphere to a photo I guess. No pain, no gain eh?! Anyway I’m feeling rather boring today so I’ll shut up and quote someone who was more interesting than me!

Quote of the day: “To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring”  – George Santayana


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