Project 365 – 31st Mar 2010

Posted: March 31, 2010 in Project 365
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Day 59 – Grey Picket Fence

I’ve just been reading back on some of the tags on my other posts, it’s kinda funny to look at them and imagine if one didn’t know what was in that day’s blog what they refered to. Like yesterday’s was ‘Chicken, Feng Shui and Martina Navratilova’. A medium level random one I guess, must look back at more!

So today wasn’t much of a day to write about, nor was it much of a day to complain about, well apart from those never ending laps of Indain file in training! 😦 I did start a new project though, something I had in mind but never would have gone out and shot if I didn’t have to do something for this blog, so it’s definately been a good thing to do so far, even if it takes up so much time! The project isn’t really anything special but it’s good to have something in mind, and to keep my ever-wandering focus, focused!

Btw here is a random  poem by Howard Nemerov, who used be Poet Laureate to the American Library of Congress and also a brother of the famous photographer Diane Arbus.

A Primer of the Daily Round

A peels an apple, while B kneels to God,
C telephones to D, who has a hand
On E’s knee, F coughs, G turns up the sod
For H’s grave, I do not understand
But J is bringing one clay pigeon down
While K brings down a nightstick on L’s head,
And M takes mustard, N drives into town,
O goes to bed with P, and Q drops dead,
R lies to S, but happens to be heard
By T, who tells U not to fire V
For having to give W the word
That X is now deceiving Y with Z,
    Who happens just now to remember A
    Peeling an apple somewhere far away.


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