Project 365 – 25th Mar 2010

Posted: March 25, 2010 in Project 365
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Day 53 – Gardening

Well here you go Bernadette, you wanted a photo of flowers, well ok they’re more weeds than anything but still, its the best I can do! This is my (and my housemates) front garden.  Now I know the camera angle makes it look small but its actually quite a large piece of land, probably home to about 20 million different species of cockroaches, ants, spiders, flies, moths and other nasty insectoes! All of whose days on Albert St are numbered!

The next time I’ll take a picture of it it hopefully won’t look like this!! The plan is to uproot and replant all the weeds in the green recycling bin (and subsequently transferred to green waste heaven), so I can sit out and say hi to the people of Newmacdonaldtownville and have philosophical discussions about gardening and the like. Oh and I might also have to knock the wall for my plan to succeed, well maybe just a few bricks off the top, I haven’t thought it through that far yet….

I really am so enthusiastic about my potential new people stalking facility, i mean gardening project. I just hope the uprooted insects don’t think they can take refuge in my room. I’d also like to extend our garden at the back by a few metres to grow some vegetables. I don’t know where the trains would go but sure thats their problem!

And then to top it all off the AFL season started tonight. It is just pure art in a game, how Sydneysiders prefer rugby I just don’t know. I mean the movement of it, the way the ball spins, the speccies, ah! Ok I’m getting too excited!

Anyway if you want to impart any gardening tips, like say for instance ‘how not to get killed by a spider whilst pulling up weeds’, it would be greatly appreciated!

Quote of the day: “Man is by definition the first and primary weed, under whose influence all other weeds have evolved” – Jack R. Harlandin

  1. Diarmuid Gavin says:

    I enjoy this picture of weeds.. i mean, flowers. The tiling is also pretty.

    Oh, and ‘Newmacdonaldtownville’ – me likes! 🙂

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