Project 365 – 22nd Mar 2010

Posted: March 22, 2010 in Project 365
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Day 50 – A Technicality

How apt that I had just been reading in a book by John Berger a debate into the value of original paintings in the age of photography, specifically the notion that photography has both destroyed the idea that images were timeless and that the viewer was the centre of the universe in relation to seeing the image (painting, particularly around the time of perspective in Renaissance art).

I mean under normal circumstances anyone standing on the above street in Dublin would think they are quite unique, being able see all that is happening from the place they physically are. However now one can see down the same street through a webcam from as far away as Australia! Does this take away from the validity of the experience of the person who is physically there?

Anyway I’m quite impressed with the way I’ve turned today’s blog around for myself from what threatened to be! I’ll know you have a brain if you figure out what I’ve done!!

Quote of the day: “Time rolls his ceaseless course” – Sir Walter Scott

  1. Eilo says:

    this is either a cryptic thing that you have created as u do ………….. or you were up early this morning 🙂

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