Project 365 – 20th Mar 2010

Posted: March 20, 2010 in Project 365
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Day 48 – The words that I said

I like the Dixie Chicks, I just thought I’d say that! I like their music, I like their singing, I like their style. I like the fact that they said they were ashamed the President of the US (George Bush at the time) was from Texas, their hometown. I like that no mater how persecuted and intimidated they were, by people who really showed their ignorance by doing so, they never retracted their statement. Radio stations in the American ‘deep south’ refused to play their records because of that statement. The land of the free? When you have a president who is that influential over people who are, in essence, stupid I severely doubt it. Anyway I went out and bought their CD after hearing about the American reaction, it was actually brilliant.

I don’t know why I thought of them just there, maybe because today’s picture is all about the direction we take in life, and in pool! You line up and ponder over it for a while but eventually you have to take a shot. They took their shot and who knows if they could take it again would it be different? Then again what does it matter to be hated by ignorant people?

As for the Southern Americans will they ever learn? They lynched and hanged the blacks, picketed funerals of gay people, show a general apathy for environmental issues that impact their industry and still think because the pray and supported a ‘Christian’ president they have a ticket to Heaven. If I were the Dixie Chicks I wouldn’t be worried.

Quote of the day: “The price of hating other human beings is loving oneself less” – Eldridge Cleaver


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