Project 365 – 14th Mar 2010

Posted: March 14, 2010 in Project 365
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Day 42 –

Oh dear, two days and two AFL matches later and I am in bits! I feel like I’m 90 years old and that someone should be getting me a wheelchair! And it feels good! No pain, no gain, eh?!

Anyway I haven’t been very random in a while so I will randomly share some of my day. I went to the shop just a while ago and when I got there I slipped into my regular indecisive mode! I can’t stand it, overthinking what I need, why I need it, trying to work out the week in advance to make this my last shop. Then I realised I actually didn’t need anything but was only going down to take a picture for the blog. That made things worse as I roamed from aisle to aisle, trying to avoid the people, and more so the management and take some snaps!

I mean for someone who grew up in a shop you’d think I wouldn’t find shopping so hard. Even if you only go there for a walk you can’t very well go in, take a photo of the butter aisle and just leave! Decisions need to be made. But when you know what you want its still difficult. If you’re shopping for lunch do you just get something for that lunch or buy in bulk for the next 5 lunches? If you want eggs do you get the 6-pack, the 12-pack, free-range or caged. And then you stand in the aisle for about 10 mins debating the ethics of buying free-range, until some slightly over-enthuased shopper gives you a whack of their basket snapping you back into reality before you think ‘feck it, if i want to buy the chocolates as well i’ve only enough money for caged’

Decisions, so tricky, you can make a snap decision to buy a block ice-cream and then in your haste forget the freezer isn’t working. Or over-think a decision and be too cluttered with whether to have ham or turkey on Wednesday that you forget to buy toilet roll. I find deciding….difficult. Because really I like pizza as much as chips and 7-Up as much as lemonade.

Well Rita Mae-Brown once said “A peacefulness follows any decision, even the wrong one”. Now just to make it!

Oh and the picture is more about perception, but I’m too tired to explain!


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