Project 365 – 3rd Mar 2010

Posted: March 3, 2010 in Project 365
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Day 31 – Recycle People!

Maybe I mean people need to be recycled, maybe I mean people need to recycle…

A passage from Barbara Kingsolver – Animal Dreams:

Loyd:  “It has to do with keeping things in balance.  It’s like the spirits have made a deal with us.  We’re on our own.  The spirits have been good enough to let us live here and use the utilities, and we’re saying:  We know how nice you’re being.  We appreciate the rain, we appreciate the sun, we appreciate the deer we took.  Sorry if we messed up anything.  You’ve gone to a lot of trouble, and we’ll try to be good guests.”

Codi:  “Like a note you’d send somebody after you’d stayed in their house?”

Loyd:  “Exactly like that.  ‘Thanks for letting me sleep on your couch.  I took some beer out of the refrigerator, and I broke a coffee cup.  Sorry, I hope it wasn’t your favorite one.'”

  1. Beegan says:

    A very interesting outlook on our stay, however brief, here on earth…she says as she takes another bite from her sugar loaded strawberry whip…yum yum. Absolutely love the website hun, keep up the good work! x

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