Project 365 – 20th Feb 2010

Posted: February 20, 2010 in Project 365

Day 20 – Bendalong!

Well after a year almost it was great to be back to Bendalong! I guess on the journey down (4 hours!) I had been thinking, wouldn’t it be easier to get some place nearer to Sydney, or wondering about all I could be doing or going to if I stayed at home. But once I woke up  and headed down to check out Bendalong’s beaches at dawn I remembered why this place just is so great! 

Even with its famous river being a little worse for wear after recent rainstorms made its waters a little murky, Bendalong really is the place of tranquility. The first thing that struck me was the peace and quiet of the area. I suppose its not hard to be struck by that when leaving Sydney! But it contributed, in a way I had almost forgotten, to some serious R & R! Whether that was chatting to the friendly folk walking their dogs on the shore at sunrise, or quietly reading a book at the lake, or thong-surfing (should I explain this or just leave it be?!) at a secluded beach it was just idyllic. 

Hopefully now that’ll be the backbone to get me through a massively busy college term, although carrying my rucksack with this sunburn isn’t going to be an ideal start!

Quote of the day: “The most advantageous peace is better than the most just war” Erasmus


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