Project 365 – 17th Feb 2010

Posted: February 17, 2010 in Project 365
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Day 17 – D.A.S.

The photo above is partially related to the visual communications lecture we had on Tuesday about how perception and reality aren’t always the same, it is rather apt for day 17!

By the way the first person to figure out what DAS stands for wins a prize! Now let me tell you about today!

Earlier on I thought I would look into what the procedures were for getting a photographers accreditation for the upcoming Mardi Gras parade. After a little bit of research I saw that the passes were relatively simple to apply for but they cost $150, a little outside my student budget! Anyway I decided to email the contact listed on the website to ask about any possible student discounts as I wanted take some pictures for my assignments, and as such there would be no financial gain involved in it for me, only added exposure for the event.

Well his reply back must be the quote of the day, if not the month! It was: “I’m afraid it’s not possible to waive the fee. The Parade route is a relatively dangerous place to shoot as well so we tend not to encourage student photography”

Ok fair enough about the fee, I was only chancing my luck anyhow, although my income as a student realistically means I can’t afford to apply, but “a relatively dangerous place” ???!!! Ah here! Now whether he thinks I’m actually twelve and is genuinely concerned for my safety, or believes I will neglect to see a flock of 7ft drag queens bearing down on me and will succumb to an unfortunate ‘death-via-stiletto’ or is mindful that in my youthful exuberance (I’m 27) I may press down on the shutter a little too enthusiastically and break a nail I just don’t know.

Would I be too cynical to suggest he is merely sprouting bulls#%t (excuse my language!) to hide the fact that, to a non-commercial photographer, these fees are utterly un-justifiable and not typical of similar events?

Lets look at it practically, the photographers don’t actually watch the parade and any photographer will know that if you really capture what is happening you don’t actually see it because the shutter opens and the view you had goes black. Secondly they actually add to the atmosphere with the constant firing of the flash guns, just imagine the impact of a parade without photographers and thirdly the cost involved in accommodating photographers is more than recooperated by the publicity the media generate, which in turn leads to sponsorship. 

I mean I will have an argument with anyone and can accept that people are entitled to their point of view, but please, don’t give me bulls#$t. Fourthly I have both attended and participated in the Mardi Gras parade over the last few years and can safely say that the ‘relative’  danger is far greater on the spectator side of the fence! As anyone who has ever had to battle a 10-person-deep crowd with elbows, beer and milk crates will certainly know!

Now don’t get me wrong, I hesitate to criticise any individual or organisation that undertakes the work involved in putting together an event of the magnitude or importance of the Sydney Mardi Gras, but I did email back and convey, respectfully, my views that they should change their student policy.

  1. Eileen says:

    DAS send the prize on Keats I have it! Interesting one today Keats reads like you’d be saying it……….you may make this an annual thing 🙂

  2. lance says:

    Tell Eilo, i have the prize. DAS – Digital Arts Studio?

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