Project 365 – 15th Feb 2010

Posted: February 15, 2010 in Project 365
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Day 15 – Random

Strange day this! Was just back from work and there was an amazing sunset descending over Newtown, and quite obviously I had left my camera at home for once! Not to be defeated I grabbed it when I got home and headed off back out to find some areas of interest. By this stage, true to form, the sun had gone down!

I ended up wandering a street near home that I had never been down before taking random photos of people’s houses, telegraph poles, cars and kitchen windows. At one particular pole I heard a voice in front of me in the dark and when my eyes adjusted I saw a middle aged man leaning against the wall of his house with a beer and a cigarette asking me was I a terrorist or was there another reason I was taking photos of the telegraph pole beside his house! So I explained what I was doing and assured him that, no, i didn’t want to blow up his street and we got chatting, for about 90 minutes!!

I guess, because the only strangers these days who start chatting to randomers in the street are usually asking for money or people we don’t want to devote our time to, there is an air of suspicion when people we don’t know through any contact start to talk to us Steve was very interesting though, for an old guy his knowledge and understanding of the world was impressive. He gave me a history of the area and recollections of a time when half the neighbourhood would’ve been out on the street chatting and hanging out. It’s funny we, as a society, don’t live our lives like that anymore. Me personally I get a kick out of talking to other people (maybe because of a grocery shop upbringing) and think that apart from the creative impact meeting new people it also brings a sense of solidarity, friendship and community.

Anyway the picture I took, which is actually a mixture of 2, doesn’t actually mean a whole lot apart from the fact that I wanted to include the clouds as my head was up in the clouds for most of the day! 

By the way, the quote of the day has to be explained a little bit, if anyone of ye read the MX yesterday you’d understand. This quote appeared in an article written by a slightly bitter, yet randomly funny non-parent who criticised middle-class parents for thinking they were the only ones who knew anything about parenting.

Her quote: “Congratulations for having an unprotected root and advertising the fact to the world for the rest of your lives”


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