1st Feb 2010

Posted: February 1, 2010 in Project 365
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Day 1 and I’m starting off with a picture for myself. I took it on my camera phone while out running at an Erskineville park. The ‘A’ for the start of the project, and the start of a new year (although not technically Jan 1), the space for what’s to come and the bright light, well….that was just bad exposure!

Any begining, I think, represents an opportunity to take the lessons learned previously and apply them to new situations, hopefully in positive ways. This year seems like it could be significant and different though I don’t know why yet, but excited to see what happens!

Ok enough of the philosophical crap, its also just a picture I never would’ve taken before even though I’ve ran round that park thousands, well ok tens at least, of times! So here it is, a memory of the Harry Noble Reserve on the 1st of February 2010 where people brought their thoughts, goals, friends and dogs and just enjoyed life!

So I’m gonna get off the computer and do the same!

Quote of day:

“Everything has been figured out, except how to live” Jean-Paul Sartre


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